What do you know about the strangest festival in Japan?

Many countries have the naked festival but this festival in Japan is very special and meaningful.

Hi there! ~

In today’s post, let’s explore a quite strange but very specific Japanese culture \(★ω★)/ It’s gonna be very interesting, I swear 😛

We all know that Japan is a country which has extremely unique and interesting culture, including traditional festival. However I think some of you have never heard of  the biggest Japanese naked festival in Okayama, am I right? Actually, many countries have the naked festival, but the special thing of this festival in Okayama is that only men participate in, and the significance of the festival is pretty cool !! (¬‿¬ )

Japanese culture naked festival

On the last Saturday of February every year, thousands of young men across Japan attend at Saidaiji Shrine which is located in Okayama to participate in the unique naked festival named Saidaiji Hadaka. During the festival, 9000 men scramble for a pair of lucky wood charms which was thrown by monks.


Oh, I almost forget to tell you that they are not totally naked in the festival (⌒_⌒;) . Actually they still wear white loin-cloth named fundoshi and socks. Their personal information and contacts are hold in the loin-cloth before joining the festival, just in case of accident or injury when scrambling.


When the clock strikes exactly 10 pm, everyone gather together at the shrine, then the monks throw two wood lucky charms to the crowd. Participants start shouting loudly ‘Wasshoi! Wasshoi” while scrambling the two wood charm. Then, they try to  put the charms into the masu wood box.


The man who win the lucky charms means that he will have luck all year. Then, the rest also touch the lucky guy to spread out the good luck around. We can see that this naked festival is actualy a New Year festival for Japanese to pray for good luck. Well, the way they pray is quite extraordinary and funny, isn’t it? hehee ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

So do you want to participate in this interesting festival ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡ ? If you have a chance to visit this lovely country in February, don’t miss out this festival ! \(≧▽≦)/


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