Japanese water cake


I’m talking about the Japanese water cake. Oh, you probably cannot imagine how a cake can be made of water, right? To answer this question, let’s have a look at this ‘crystal’ (that’s how I call it hehe) and I swear this Japanese water cake looks and tastes unlike any dessert you’ve tried before 😉 .

Japanese water cake

I had a chance to try the water cake in a Japanese restaurant in Hanoi and it’s absolutely impressed me. It looks like a large drop of water, but it’s actually a cake. This Japanese invention is as delicate as it looks and sounds, but it needs to be consumed in only 30 minutes, after which it will simply turn into a sweet puddle of water.

This water cake is perfectly transparent which absolutely impress me when I first saw it. It is made of water sourced from the Southern Japanese Alps, lightly sweetened, and solidified just enough to give it a definite shape. That’s why it’s called mizu (water) shingen mochi’.

Japanese water cake

You can see that it looks like a crystal but so smooth and melts in your mouth. It has a pleasant natural sweetness that I cannot describe how awesome it tastes. Add the rich kinako powder and brown sugar syrup and it goes incredibly smoothly down your throat.

transparent Japanese water cake

It was refreshingly cool in my mouth!

Japanese water cake

So cute !!

Well, what are you waiting for, guys? Let’s find a Japanese restaurant in your country and try it now! If you have a chance to visit Japan, don’t forget to try it !


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