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How to get a unique style with colorful accessories

Accessory is one of the key factors to build your own style. Let’s see how Japanese people mix accessories to have a unique outfit on the street!

Hi guys ^^ I know that Japanese street style is a topic that you guys are really interested in, right? So in today’s post I will share with you how to get a perfect outfit in Japanese style, focusing on accessories (✯◡✯) .

Japanese streetstylecolorful Japanese streetstyle 1

We can see that Japanese youths really like wearing colorful accessories to be stand out on the street. While in many other countries, people tends to wear minimally with less color, the youths of Japan always wear as much color as they can.

colorful Japanese streetstyle 2 colorful Japanese streetstyle 6

So what kinds of accessories that create their unique looks ? The list below will give you the key:

  • Big platform shoes. VERY BIG.
  • Many colorful bracelets. You just need to mix all of those together as many as you can ┐( ̄∀ ̄)┌ .
  • Rings. Rings can be big or small, but no less than 3 (⊙_⊙) .
  • Socks. Again, they have to be colorful.
  • Big and long earings.
  • Unique hairstyle. You know, hairstyle is the key for you to be different from others.

colorful Japanese streetstyle 5 colorful Japanese streetstyle 4 colorful Japanese streetstyle 9 colorful accessories

So I hope you get the idea of how to mix accessories to build your own unique style inspired by Japanese street style ^^ Have a nice week my lovely friends!

Source of images: Tokyofashion


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