Get a strange look for Halloween with Japanese Shironuri style

Don’t know what to wear this Halloween? So this post will help you. Believe me, Shironuri style is a perfect choice for you if you love Japanese style ❤

Japanese shinoruni street style

First I think I should introduce a little bit about Shironuri style. “Shironuri” means “painted white”, and originally referred to the traditional makeup worn by Japanese geisha, maiko, and kabuki performers. It is also a kind of streetstyle in Japan that people wear white makeup, white hair and white outfit. Actually it does not have to be all white but still very strange and quite weird. However Shironuri is quite popular in Japan and many young people wear this style everyday on the street. If you are not Japanese, I am sure that you will scare many people with this white look Σ(°△°|||)︴.

Japanese Shinoruni street style

It’s all about WHITE, right?! I can’t wait for the Halloween party. If you join a Halloween party, you should try this style! Oh, you can also wear like this and go down the street. Haha, it’s gonna be fun !! (✧ω✧)

Byeee, I hope you will enjoy your Halloween!


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