SassySushi is a blog about Japan: the people, the culture and fashion to everyone who wants to explore this country. It’s a place for Japan-lovers to connect with each others, sharing the same interest. I want to bring Japan closer to Vietnamese and foreigners by writing about the not so obvious stories of Japan. In the future, this blog will become a guide for people who want to visit Japan to have a more clearly view about this country. Another purpose of SassySushi is to give inspiration to fashion-addicts with posts about fashion, designer features and streetstyle.


        SassySushi brings high quality inspiration and ideas to customers, giving them new ways to explore Japanese culture.


Sassy Sushi is for Japan lovers who are obsessed by Japanese fashion, traditional festivals, costume, art and design and colourful daily life in Japan, we offer fashion styling advise for those who want to get the look.



Hi guys! Welcome to the lovely world of SassySushi (◕‿◕)♡

My name is Nguyen Dieu My Linh, I’m studying fashion design at London College for Design and Fashion in Hanoi, Vietnam. There are 6 fun facts about me:

  1. My passion for fashion has come since I was just at grade 6!
  2. I really really love green (greenaholic haha)
  3. I have a huge fear of SPIDER !!
  4. I can listen to every kinds of music.
  5. I loveeeeee wearing oversized clothing.
  6. I really love short hair and I’m always impressed by short-haired girls. However there’re so many people say that I look prettier in long hair (so sad) (╥﹏╥)

About SassySushi, I set up this blog with the desire of sharing with you about Japanese culture, tradition and fashion. You may know about the traditional costume, some familiar features of Japan, but do you know:

-What is the strangest festival in Japan? Have you ever heard of the naked festival or penis festival? (hahah yes I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s gonna be a shortcoming if u don’t have a look at these interesting festivals)

-If you doze while working at the office, it shows that you are hard-working. Can you believe that!? Yesssss, because it happens in Japan!!

-Have you ever seen a girl with white face, white hair and sometimes all-white outfit walking on the street? It sounds a bit creepy, right? Well, believe me, it’s quite normal in Japan.

Japan is an interesting country with unique culture, isn’t it?! There are a lot of other strange but interesting things in Japan that you cannot see in any other countries. So if you are a Japan lover, don’t miss anything! Now let’s start exploring this  amazing country with me ! \(^ヮ^)/


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